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Someone can be the best singer, songwriter, or performer but it is all for naught if no one sees them.

Marketing is arguably the most important part of the musical process in todays industry. Many great music artists post their content on web sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on with little to no response at all. 

But some artists post their content and it goes viral almost immediately. Why is this? Because they have marketing dollars behind them whether it's from a big record label or a wealthy investor. 

My mission with my music and my brand is to inspire others by making my dreams come true on my own terms, not someone elses. I want to show people that they have the power within themselves to make anything that they want in their lives come to fruition...but to do this I need your help. In order to make this dream come true for myself and for everyone who is inspired by my music, I must have the marketing dollars to showcase my brand on a major level.

If you believe in what I am working towards or just want to have a part in an emerging artists career please take a minute or two to donate anything that you are able to (right). Seriously every penny helps immensely. Together we can make the dreams of millions come true. Thank you for taking the time to check out this page and for being a great supporter.

Michael Miller

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